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7th Gear (v3.59.3) edition

Rule non_printable_character

Remove Zero-width space (ZWSP), Non-breaking space (NBSP) and other invisible unicode symbols.


Using this rule is risky

Risky when strings contain intended invisible characters.



Whether characters should be replaced with escape sequences in strings.

Allowed types: bool

Default value: true


Example #1

Default configuration.

--- Original
+++ New
-<?php echo "​Hello World !";
+<?php echo "\u{200b}Hello\u{2007}World\u{a0}!";

Example #2

With configuration: ['use_escape_sequences_in_strings' => false].

--- Original
+++ New
-<?php echo "​Hello World !";
+<?php echo "Hello World !";

Rule sets

The rule is part of the following rule sets:


The test class defines officially supported behaviour. Each test case is a part of our backward compatibility promise.