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a Sensio Labs Product

7th Gear (v3.59.3) edition

Rule modernize_types_casting

Replaces intval, floatval, doubleval, strval and boolval function calls with according type casting operator.


Using this rule is risky

Risky if any of the functions intval, floatval, doubleval, strval or boolval are overridden.


Example #1

--- Original
+++ New
-    $a = intval($b);
-    $a = floatval($b);
-    $a = doubleval($b);
-    $a = strval ($b);
-    $a = boolval($b);
+    $a = (int) $b;
+    $a = (float) $b;
+    $a = (float) $b;
+    $a = (string) $b;
+    $a = (bool) $b;

Rule sets

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