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Jump & Run (v3.28.0) edition

Rule phpdoc_to_return_type

EXPERIMENTAL: Takes @return annotation of non-mixed types and adjusts accordingly the function signature.


Using this rule is risky

This rule is EXPERIMENTAL and [1] is not covered with backward compatibility promise. [2] @return annotation is mandatory for the fixer to make changes, signatures of methods without it (no docblock, inheritdocs) will not be fixed. [3] Manual actions are required if inherited signatures are not properly documented.



Fix also scalar types; may have unexpected behaviour due to PHP bad type coercion system.

Allowed types: bool

Default value: true


Example #1

Default configuration.

--- Original
+++ New

 /** @return \My\Bar */
-function f1()
+function f1(): \My\Bar

 /** @return void */
-function f2()
+function f2(): void

 /** @return object */
-function my_foo()
+function my_foo(): object

Example #2

With configuration: ['scalar_types' => false].

--- Original
+++ New

 /** @return Foo */
-function foo() {}
+function foo(): Foo {}
 /** @return string */
 function bar() {}

Example #3

Default configuration.

--- Original
+++ New
 final class Foo {
      * @return static
-    public function create($prototype) {
+    public function create($prototype): static {
         return new static($prototype);
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