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Jump & Run (v3.28.0) edition

Rule single_import_per_statement

There MUST be one use keyword per declaration.



Whether to change group imports into single imports.

Allowed types: bool

Default value: true


Example #1

Default configuration.

--- Original
+++ New
-use Foo, Sample, Sample\Sample as Sample2;
+use Foo;
+use Sample;
+use Sample\Sample as Sample2;

Example #2

With configuration: ['group_to_single_imports' => true].

--- Original
+++ New
-use Space\Models\ {
-    TestModelA,
-    TestModelB,
-    TestModel,
+use Space\Models\TestModelA;
+use Space\Models\TestModelB;
+use Space\Models\TestModel;

Rule sets

The rule is part of the following rule sets:

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