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15 Keys Accelerate (v3.54.0) edition

Rule error_suppression

Error control operator should be added to deprecation notices and/or removed from other cases.


Using this rule is risky

Risky because adding/removing @ might cause changes to code behaviour or if trigger_error function is overridden.



Whether to add @ in deprecation notices.

Allowed types: bool

Default value: true


Whether to remove @ in remaining usages.

Allowed types: bool

Default value: false


List of global functions to exclude from removing @.

Allowed types: array

Default value: []


Example #1

Default configuration.

--- Original
+++ New
-trigger_error('Warning.', E_USER_DEPRECATED);
+@trigger_error('Warning.', E_USER_DEPRECATED);

Example #2

With configuration: ['noise_remaining_usages' => true].

--- Original
+++ New

Example #3

With configuration: ['noise_remaining_usages' => true, 'noise_remaining_usages_exclude' => ['unlink']].

--- Original
+++ New

Rule sets

The rule is part of the following rule sets:


The test class defines officially supported behaviour. Each test case is a part of our backward compatibility promise.