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7th Gear (v3.59.3) edition

Rule nullable_type_declaration

Nullable single type declaration should be standardised using configured syntax.



Whether to use question mark (?) or explicit null union for nullable type.

Allowed values: 'question_mark' and 'union'

Default value: 'question_mark'


Example #1

Default configuration.

--- Original
+++ New
-function bar(null|int $value, null|\Closure $callable): int|null {}
+function bar(?int $value, ?\Closure $callable): ?int {}

Example #2

With configuration: ['syntax' => 'union'].

--- Original
+++ New
-function baz(?int $value, ?\stdClass $obj, ?array $config): ?int {}
+function baz(null|int $value, null|\stdClass $obj, null|array $config): null|int {}

Example #3

With configuration: ['syntax' => 'question_mark'].

--- Original
+++ New
 class ValueObject
-    public null|string $name;
+    public ?string $name;
     public ?int $count;
-    public null|bool $internal;
-    public null|\Closure $callback;
+    public ?bool $internal;
+    public ?\Closure $callback;

Rule sets

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