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7th Gear (v3.59.3) edition

Rule single_space_after_construct

Ensures a single space after language constructs.


This rule is deprecated and will be removed in the next major version

You should use single_space_around_construct instead.



List of constructs which must be followed by a single space.

Allowed values: a subset of ['abstract', 'as', 'attribute', 'break', 'case', 'catch', 'class', 'clone', 'comment', 'const', 'const_import', 'continue', 'do', 'echo', 'else', 'elseif', 'enum', 'extends', 'final', 'finally', 'for', 'foreach', 'function', 'function_import', 'global', 'goto', 'if', 'implements', 'include', 'include_once', 'instanceof', 'insteadof', 'interface', 'match', 'named_argument', 'namespace', 'new', 'open_tag_with_echo', 'php_doc', 'php_open', 'print', 'private', 'protected', 'public', 'readonly', 'require', 'require_once', 'return', 'static', 'switch', 'throw', 'trait', 'try', 'type_colon', 'use', 'use_lambda', 'use_trait', 'var', 'while', 'yield', 'yield_from']

Default value: ['abstract', 'as', 'attribute', 'break', 'case', 'catch', 'class', 'clone', 'comment', 'const', 'const_import', 'continue', 'do', 'echo', 'else', 'elseif', 'enum', 'extends', 'final', 'finally', 'for', 'foreach', 'function', 'function_import', 'global', 'goto', 'if', 'implements', 'include', 'include_once', 'instanceof', 'insteadof', 'interface', 'match', 'named_argument', 'namespace', 'new', 'open_tag_with_echo', 'php_doc', 'php_open', 'print', 'private', 'protected', 'public', 'readonly', 'require', 'require_once', 'return', 'static', 'switch', 'throw', 'trait', 'try', 'use', 'use_lambda', 'use_trait', 'var', 'while', 'yield', 'yield_from']


Example #1

Default configuration.

--- Original
+++ New

-throw  new  \Exception();
+throw new \Exception();

Example #2

With configuration: ['constructs' => ['echo']].

--- Original
+++ New

-echo  "Hello!";
+echo "Hello!";

Example #3

With configuration: ['constructs' => ['yield_from']].

--- Original
+++ New

-yield  from  baz();
+yield from baz();


The test class defines officially supported behaviour. Each test case is a part of our backward compatibility promise.